With a deep passion for all things hair and makeup, Melanie King has worked in the fashion and commercial industry as a professional cosmetologist for 9 years and counting. Raised by a family that valued education and excellence Melanie graduated from Spelman with a degree in Psychology. Soon after she took her desires for helping others on a personal level by perusing her true endeavors and becoming a licensed cosmetologist at Aveda institute and thus began her professional career in the hair and make-up industry. Diligent in her efforts, Melanie has created a path that has not only quenched her thirst for creativity, but she has also blended her background in mental health to better sever her clients. Giving them a personal touch that goes beyond the pallet and make-up brush. 

Melanie’s work has been featured on runways, magazines and productions such as eWomen Network, Pregnancy Magazine, Elegant Magazine, TIME Magazine, NPC Oklahoma Grand Prix, Southern Nori Weddings, DIFFA, and more. Following her ongoing success Melanie has taken her gift and has become a certified cosmetologist instructor and has now added educator to her many roles. She has worked with multiple high schools such as Desoto and Dallas ISD programs that introduce young adults to career choices in the creative industry. Seeing how her impact has changed young lives she later joined the Toni & Guy Team and has continued her role as an educator to the next generation of hairdressers. 

As Melanie continues to expand her reach she maintains a humble spirit and focuses her sights to touch, inspire, and create. She continues to work and collaborate on multiple projects and publications. Making an impact one FIERCE & FANCY face at a time.

 "A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous"  - Co Co Chanel